IQWD – Touching Lives During ECQ

Working during the pandemic is quite a bit arduous. First, IQWD needed to think of ways on how to implement social distancing amongst clientele and employees, which is very new and unfamiliar. IQWD had been commended in social media for practicing social distancing as early as ECQ has been imposed by the government on March 15, 2020.

In salute to IQWD’s fellow frontliners, IQWD provided lunch for LGU, PNP, BFD, MHO personnel and BHERT who were on duty last April 1, 2020 in check points in different barangays.

With IQWD personnel’s initiative and thru the approval of the Board of Directors, IQWD installed a temporary handwash facility at triage entry check point in Brgy. Gumian last April 3, 2020. IQWD have chosen this check point because this is the gateway to Infanta and the nearby town of Gen. Nakar and the neighbouring islands of Polillo, Burdeos, Panukulan, and Patnanungan.

IQWD had chosen strategic location in the heart of Infanta Town Proper where foot traffic is heavy, so IQWD installed another temporary hand wash facility, and have chosen the Rizal St. entrance of Infanta Commercial Center (ICC), whilst installing, the Municipal Mayor called to request another temporary handwash facility be installed in the Bonifacio St. entrance as well.

To aid basic water needs in the upland area of Infanta, IQWD participated in water rationing. The project was held successfully through the coordination of the Office of the Municipal Mayor, Bureau of Fire Department, Barangay Gumian Officials, IQWD, and thru approval of the IQWD Board of Directors.

IQWD personnel also participated in the second batch of Infanta Bayanihan Project, a project by a small group of private individuals that aimed to help our fellow Infantahins who were not earning during the ECQ period due to the lockdown which is consisted of 60 families, by donating to the project. The project was spearheaded by one of IQWD’s employees and IQWD felt like it was the agency’s obligation to support her vision to help.

Due to one (1) COVID-19 positive case in the barangay where IQWD’s office is located, IQWD Personnel proposed to the Board of Directors to donate a container of chlorine to assist the barangay in disinfecting the whole area and somehow stop the virus from further spreading which in return would somehow give the employees peace of mind.

IQWD’s temporary hand wash facility project has become the model for LGU requirements in allowing establishments to reopen, several establishments even asked IQWD to assist them in the installation of temporary hand wash facility in their vicinities like SSS, Private Medical Clinic and Jollibee Infanta, although SSS did not pursue in acquiring IQWD assistance.

IQWD always gives out a helping hand whenever and wherever they can. The Sangguniang Barangay of Boboin also sought the assistance of IQWD for the hand wash facility. With the help of IQWD’s management and personnel, the hand wash facility beside Barangay Boboin’s Health Center was installed.

The efforts of IQWD to help the residents of Infanta in commemorating their departed loved ones, and also to ensure the safety of the general public amidst the pandemic thru the installation of hand wash facility at the Municipal Cemetery has been recognized by the Local Government Unit of Infanta.

Through the hard times of the pandemic, IQWD realized the true meaning of public service. IQWD may have different ways of helping others during these times of predicament and uncertainties, and even IQWD personnel too, were not spared from the impact financially, physically and mentally. The IQWD management felt very lucky to be given the opportunity to offer assistance to others. IQWD may not be able to extend financial support to others but in its own ways, IQWD helped too.

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