“Mental health is as important as Physical Health”

In commemoration of the 123rd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary and in accordance with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 4, s. 2020, Infanta (Quezon) Water District celebrated through a Sportsfest activity to improve and promote camaraderie, teamwork, and a healthy lifestyle among government employees. These events intend to strengthen the bond between workmates and refresh the work environment. The IQWD recognizes the importance of taking care of employees’ physical and mental wellness to effectively fulfill their duties.

News and Events

126th Philippine Independence Day

IQWD Employees proudly participated in the 126th Philippine Independence Day parade and activities, celebrating freedom and unity.Click the icon:Click the icon:


The Department of Health (DOH) issued the Water Safety Plan Acceptance Certificate to IQWD, recognizing our outstanding commitment to water safety and quality. This prestigious certification highlights IQWD's dedication to maintaining the standards in providing the...

Clean-up Drive

The Infanta - Quezon Water District conducted a community clean-up drive, uniting for a greener, cleaner future! In celebration of World Earth Day, let's make waves of change.