To establish and build an efficient, reliable, economicallyviable and sound water district that is committed to pursue its social responsibility, environmental initiatives and its commitment to harness the fullest potential of its personnel as the key drivers to its sustainable development program.


To provide access to safe and reliable potable drinking water at an affordable cost thru efficient water system ever ensuring the protection of its water sources and the environment in general by dedicated and competent management, in particular, directed by evaluative and supportive Board of Directors and to provide to sustainable growth essential to meet the challenges and the needs of the water district and the community.

Value Statement

God created water as one of the signs of life, thus, INFANTA (QUEZON) WATER DISTRICT’s officers and employees are considered the guardians of life as well as all officers and employees of all water districts in the country today. Our officers and employees are determined to pursue realization of IQWD’s Vision and Mission by inculcating in their hearts and minds the following: a. Accountability, rather than distinction; b. Service, rather than remuneration; c. Harmony, rather than dissension, and; d. Public Spirit, rather than self-interest.

Strategic Objective

As defined in PD 198 which created all Water Districts in the land, we adhere to the rules and regulations of Local Water Utilities Administration as well as the rules and regulations of other National Agencies such as Civil Service Commission, Department of Public Works and Highways, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Commission On Audit, National Water Resources Board, Department Of Health and other National Government Agencies.

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