Historical Background

Existing Service Map

In early 1980, Municipality of Infanta and General Nakar through their respective resolution formed a water district in compliance with the provision of PD 198 and on November 24, 1982 a Conditional Certificate of Compliance 229 was issued to Infanta-Gen. Nakar Water District.

Since then, Infanta-Gen. Nakar Water District was a recipient of financial assistance from Local Water Utilties Administration in the form of loans.

In 2002 the Municipality of Gen. Nakar, requested for de-annexation and the district was renamed Infanta (Quezon) Water District (IQWD). During that time IQWD was maintaining four (4) water sources with 2,401 service connections.

On November 29, 2004 Typhoon Winnie devastated Infanta and other neighboring towns. The whole water system was 80% destroyed and the operation was financially affected causing the district to be in arrears in its loan repayments. Other obligations to BIR, premium payment to GSIS, Pag-ibig and virtually all obligations including payables to suppliers were also discontinued. Thru sheer determination, the management and employees, hardly work together even without enough salaries to rehabilitate the district. The district survived on meager donations from different organizations. IQWD rehabilitated Pumping Station III, the biggest source of IQWD water supply through financial assistance from a supplier who understood IQWD’s plight which was believed to be the surest and fastest way towards recovery. After less than a year in September 2005, IQWD’s operation was back to normal except for its financial capabilities.

At present, IQWD is serving potable water to 34 out of 36 barangays in the whole municipality of Infanta, with 5,816 active service connections as of December 2014. It has 3 pumping stations with combined production of 54 lps. These Pumping Stations are located in Brgy. Ilog, Brgy. Pilaway and Brgy .Agos-Agos. In 2015, IQWD plans to construct two (2) more pumping stations to augment its dwindling supply of potable water.

On March 21, 2012, IQWD was re-categorized by LWUA as ClASS “C” Water District and is now in the process of adapting Revised LWD Manual on Categorization, Re-Categorization and Other Related Matters under Department of Budget and Management. The Water District opted to have its position below the General Manager as two (2) Divisions - Admin., Finance & Commercial Division and Operations & Technical Division.

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